Divinity-X is an expansive unique all-GM roleplaying server running on Cataclysm 4.0.6a.

Providing players with a number of creative custom commands, combined with the use of our phase system, we enable players to be as creative as they possibly can be in their own little version of the world. Thousands of custom items, objects and spells plus a little bit of imagination allow players to unlock the client and be whatever they want to be. The sky is the limit as far as Divinity-X is concerned!

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[IMPORTANT] Our Epilogue.
It is with a great sadness that this announcement is to inform you that Divinity-X will be shutting down on the 31st of August.

As some of you may have be aware, we received a notice recently regarding content hosted on our domain. The email itself was a DMCA take down notice sent to our host and was due to us "working as an emulated server to illegally play "World of Warcraft". In addition, it is using art assets of the game ... 

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Posted by: Divinity-X Staff | 22nd August 2014